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The vibrant colour of a cooked beet; the crisp snap of a fresh carrot; the sweet, tart taste of a perfectly ripe raspberry: the senses dance to the rhythm of good food. Food provides the nourishment and energy that we need to go about our daily lives, and yet it is about so much more than just sustenance. Food defines civilizations and cultures and tells the stories of families and individuals. Food conveys power and control, denotes wealth and privilege, underscores our relationship with other living beings and our ecology, and either keeps us healthy and fit or makes us unwell. Food is about choice.

My goal as a nutrition coach is to help you understand the choices you make in your own daily life. Allow me to join you on a journey that awakens your conscience to a better understanding of you and your body, and provides you with the tools to take control over your health and your life.


Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

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