Yoga is the thread holding my reality together. I step onto my mat; my breath awakens me to the certainty of my being. I acknowledge my limitations and strive to achieve my fullest potential. I feel the energy flow. My practice spins a web that originates at my core, unites my mind, body, and spirit, and weaves a connection to my larger reality.

It is the beauty and wonder of that connection that motivates me to share this experience with others. A student of the practice first, my role as a teacher is to provide guidance and inspiration. Every body is different, every practice will differ; my passion for my practice drives me to encourage others to connect more intimately with their own bodies and gain a deeper insight into their own reality.


500 Hour Raja Yoga Academy Hatha Certified Instructor

Certified Yin Yoga Instructor

Inferno Hot Pilates Certified Instructor

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South Surrey/White Rock, BC, Canada

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